About Foday

Headquartered in China, Guangdong FODAY Automobile Co., Ltd is a highly international company with its core business covering the production and sales of complete vehicles of SUV(Explorer 3 and Explorer6) and PICKUP (LION F16, LION PICKUP), car bodies and stamping parts. The company is authorized by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R China, a key national enterprise and a new high-tech enterprise, and its production history of complete vehicles can be traced back to 1988.


FODAY is one of the biggest automobile production bases in China, covering an area of 400,000.00 m2 and equipped with modern CNC Machining Center and advanced press, welding, coating and assembly workshop, it has an annual production capacity of 300,000 car bodies and 100,000 complete vehicles. With more than 20% technicians among a total of over 2000 employees and strong R&D capability, FODDAY is certified by ISO9001:2000 and China Compulsory Certification, and it wins the National Quality Credit Enterprise. It is authorized by government to establish Guangdong Automobile Body Components R&D Center in 2005.


Equipped with advanced machinery from Germany, Japan, Italy, US and China, FODAY's highly-qualified vehicles have successfully penetrated into Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and South America as well as other regions. FODAY's body and parts has taken up more than 50% domestic market share, which has accelerated the development of national SUV and Pickup. It can take various forms of cooperation with FODAY, including CBU dealing, SKD and CKD, etc. FODAY can provide technique assistance according to customer's requirement, including professional suggestion on plant area, investment estimation, production line arrangement, workshop design etc, device requirement and technique process. FODAY can also supply vehicle assembly factories with tools and fixtures, and provide its customers technique training and on-site management training.